Ingham business features in John Lewis Christmas advert

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An Ingham-based company has showcased one of their products in front of million of viewers in this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert.

Plum® supplied John Lewis with its now-famous trampoline, for the already iconic Christmas advert with Buster the Boxer.

David Woodman, director of product development at Plum®, said: “A trampoline is a product that will bring the whole family together, as illustrated perfectly by John Lewis.

“Plum® are at the forefront of trampoline design and innovation, 28 years experience in trampoline development makes us the UK leaders.”

Buster and a little girl called Bridget are without a doubt the stars of the show, closely followed by our wildlife neighbours, all eager to bounce on the trampoline.

The advert shows a father working tirelessly to build his daughter a trampoline, which, when completed, is secretly used by woodland animals – much to Buster the Boxer’s disgust!

Once Christmas morning arrives, the little girl awakes to see the amazing trampoline her father has built – but before she can play on it, Buster darts past her and has a go on it himself.

With a comedic twist, the advert highlights that John Lewis sells “gifts that everyone will love”.