Jodie King: The best SEO advice you’re not taking

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As a multi-disciplinary digital marketing agency, we’re all too familiar with some of your biggest pain points when it comes to digital marketing and specifically SEO.

We have expertise across numerous industries and campaigns, which has led us to understand elements that businesses, just like yours, are struggling with.

Search Engine Optimisation has always been a critical part of any digital marketing campaign and it will continue to remain a necessity for your business as we continue to use search engines to find and research solutions and products.

We continually work with businesses to improve their brand awareness in search engine results pages (SERP) and we began solely as an SEO agency and have grown our service offerings as the field has expanded.

To start things off we want to share with you the best advice for better optimising your website for users and for search engines.

It is incredibly important to remember that you should not simply optimise your site for algorithms as even Google is becoming more focused on the experience for users on your site.

Make your content unique

If your product descriptions match those of the manufacturer, the manufacturer will always rank higher. The 50 other sites also using that same manufacturer’s description will dilute the SEO benefit of their own pages and yours.

In this situation, nobody stands out and no search gains are made. Make sure you write unique copy, not just duplicate copy that’s already out there. Yes, it can be a laborious process but it is worth addressing.

Another way of avoiding duplicate content is by making sure you only have one version of your site live and searchable to search engines. There are technical elements to this so if you are concerned that you have duplicate sites we recommend researching this further.

Do not just rely on keywords

Keywords are not always the sole answer. Your audience wants their questions and pain points answered so create relevant and engaging copy.

Tools like are handy for this.

Your audience wants their questions and pain points answered so using phrases in your targeting and not just keywords will satisfy users and ultimately search engines.

Always use keyword tools first, then think about search from your users perspective. Keyword research is all about the data and it is important to consider the ‘common sense’ element, that is so often forgotten.

Think about questions like, what are your competitors ranking for? Why are they positioned at the top?

Companies do not appear at the top of the  results list simply because of a keyword. Their success is the sum total of all of their marketing practices in unison. Dig deeper than keywords alone.

Measure, measure, measure

We cannot express the importance of measuring your marketing activities.

Think about it this way, how can you manage or even improve your marketing efforts if you can’t measure its success?

The first step here is to make sure you have Google Analytics (GA) set up, there are other analytics software, however Google’s is the most comprehensive across industries.

Through Google Analytics you should set up “goals” so that you can track sales and activity on your site. There are multiple ways in which you can measure this across different platforms, such as Twitter analytics, all of these then link to GA & can show traffic sources.

This can helping you to find areas for improvement within your marketing and can then lead to testing to further help the success of your campaigns.

Use YouTube

Google owns YouTube and we have seen significant ranking boosts from the links on YouTube with a well-optimised channel.

This includes creating up to a 200 word description for each video as well as your name, address and postcode (NAP) and your website address.

Set the geographical (GEO) location for the video and optimise the title with keywords & careful research of other videos on YouTube. Make sure your channel has the maximum number of words in the about section to describe you and has all the correct links to your site and social media channels.