Lincoln entrepreneur launches straw bale gardening business

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A Lincoln entrepreneur has brought an American idea to the UK with the launch of new gardening ‘how to’ kit to help people across the county with mobility issues.

Simon Gibbins realised there was an opening in the market when he was investigating ways to grow vegetables that would be accessible to people with some mobility issues, as his wife suffers from back pain.

His search revealed an American practice called straw bale gardening, which can grow produce without the need for soil.

Simon said: “I have experimented with this method, and adapted it for our climate successfully. I was then prompted to set up a Facebook page on the subject and quickly got a following of over 2000 people.

“That’s when I decided to set up my business”


Now Simon hosts workshops, provides tips and has a bespoke package for schools which delivers everything needed for the strawbale garden, including training for the teacher.

He has also just launched a new DVD called Strawbaleveg Gardening the Basics.

Simon added: “We are currently getting our own range of quality vegetable and herb seeds to sell through our site, as well as in a rack system for retail outlets. Future ideas include complete strawbale kits delivered to your door with everything needed.

“This method of gardening is very new, and virtually untried in the UK. This programme we believe is the first of its kind.”