9 seminars to help improve your business at the Lincolnshire Business Expo

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The Lincolnshire Business Expo at the Lincolnshire Showground on January 18 is not just a B2B exhibition. Delegates will be able to meet over 90 companies from across the region.

With 25 events on the day, you can network and learn new things from 35 local experts and leaders.

Here are our top picks (with spaces still available) of free workshops and seminars you can join at the Lincolnshire Business Expo to get tips on how to grow and improve your business, learn new techniques and borrow some great ideas.

Grow your e-commerce profits with simple Google strategies

Richard Hill, founder of SEO Traffic Lab. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

Every business wants to sell more and grow quickly. There will be plenty of tips on how this can be achieved with SEO and e-commerce specialist Richard Hill, founder of SEO Traffic Lab.

In this session, Richard will highlight some essential steps to take in order to maximise the potential of your e-commerce business and your Product Listing Ads.

From the minor errors that can be made at inception, to the on-going management which when compounded together can increase returns as much as 32x.

6.5 things to do in your HR management function to maximise profits

Neil Buck, Managing Director of The Personnel Department.

As staff are most likely to be the biggest expense for any business, the aim is to maximise the return of investment (ROI) by increasing their productivity and keeping their costs as low as possible.

Neil Buck, Managing Director of the Personnel Dept Management Consultancy Ltd, will discuss ways in which any employer can improve their bottom line just by undertaking some simple but effective HR management strategies in their business.

Thriving in a changing world

Ron Lynch, Regional Director of the East Midlands for the Institute of Directors. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

With the throws of the vote for Brexit now causing many businesses to rethink their strategy for the future, Regional Director for the Institute of Directors (IoD) Ron Lynch will be looking at issues surrounding the drop in the pound, skills shortages, fast moving technology and more.

He will also be discussing how developing a growth mindset can help your business to get ahead.

10 steps to gearing up for great success in 2017

Derek Irvine, Senior Executive for Business Doctors

For business owners looking to grow, Derek Irvine, Senior Executive for Business Doctors will be providing top tips on how to get on the right path.

He will provide practical tips and advice based on proven approaches which have helped hundreds of SMEs achieve success.

This thought provoking session will include tips on how to create a strategy that works, how to get your whole organisation to support you and what to measure to get things done.

Exporting: Is it for you?

The Exporting is Great lorry will be outside the Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground as part of the Lincolnshire Business Expo. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

The Exporting is Great truck will be making a stop for the day at the Lincolnshire Business Expo, hosting a special seminar.

Dale Atkins, International Trade Advisor for the Exporting is Great Campaign will be helping delegates to uncover export opportunities outside of the UK.

There will also be speakers from local companies, which have already benefited from the campaign, and now sell a variety of product/service offerings internationally.

Who cares wins: Why businesses must do good to be great

Kelly Evans, Founder of Social Change UK

Kelly Evans, founder of Social Change UK will be inspiring delegates to help make a difference in the world, whilst at the same time creating a sustainable business.

According to the latest research, most people would not care if 74% of all brands disappeared for good, because only 3% of UK consumers feel that businesses actually make a meaningful contribution to their quality of life.

In this talk, Kelly looks at why businesses and brands that ‘mean something’ to consumers will survive long term and those who don’t will become ‘substitutable’.

Five steps to sell more through networking

Mark Jarvis, Area Director for BNI Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

Delegates looking to get the most out of their networking sessions, need to attend this seminar.

Mark Jarvis, Area Director for business networking referral organisation BNI Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire will look at the best ways to sell products and services throughout networking events across the county.

He will be looking at different conversational skills and body language that can help instantly improve relationships with potential clients, to make sure that everyone makes a great impression.

10 tips to increase employee productivity for a healthier business

Rachel Linstead, Managing Director of Firecracker

New year, new business is the philosophy behind this workshop where Rachel Linstead, Managing Director of Firecracker, will be looking at the impact health and nutrition can have upon workplace culture and instilling positive energy.

The workshop will focus on the link between health and productivity, helping you to understand that what you eat will affect your performance at work and giving hints and tips to get more out of your day by tweaking your food and lifestyle choices.

The guide to funding business growth

Russell Copley speaking at the Lincolnshire Business Expo 2016

Confused about how to get funding to grow your business? Russell Copley, Chief Executive of the East Midlands incubation Network, will be able to help put it all into perspective.

This session will cover the common requirements such as what should be included in a business plan, what financial information you should have available, and what other information you should have for your funding plan.  

It will also run through the criteria and relative pro’s and con’s of the four main funding options – self-finance, debt, grants and equity. 

You can book on these events and other seminars taking place on the day on the Lincolnshire Business Expo website.