Businesses shouldn’t be confused over Apprenticeship Levy says Lincolnshire ambassador

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There is no need to be confused over the impact and benefits of the Apprenticeship Levy, the Lincolnshire Apprentice Ambassador has said.

As previously reported, there had been questions from businesses across the county as to how the Apprenticeship Levy will impact on larger businesses and what the benefits of this will be for smaller businesses.

The Apprenticeship Levy is set to take effect from April 6 this year, where companies with a paybill of more than £3 million will pay a levy 0.5% of that paybill.

For non-levy payers it’s not far short of ‘business as normal’ with a 90% contribution on offer claims Mike Johnson, Lincolnshire Apprentice Ambassador.

To help businesses better understand the situation, Mike is offering to take any unanswered questions and put them to the Regional Ambassador Network on Friday, January 20.

Mike has said that Lincolnshire businesses should not be confused over the new Apprenticeship Levy, they just need to get the right advice.

Mike said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and the government must ensure they, and their staff, can also benefit from the funding created by the levy.

“There is plenty of general advice available on the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) website about how the new Levy and how the Digital Apprenticeship Service will work.

“Maybe the confusion is having time to read it all or even having the time to attend one of the many levy conferences taking place.

“I have worked in Lincolnshire for the past 12 years, apprenticeships are my passion and my understanding.

“The SFA have limited resources now to get into business and to explain the new rules so as Lincolnshire Ambassador for the past three months I have been supporting my SFA colleagues and meeting up with levy and non-levy payers.

“I am more than happy to visit any employer who is thinking about employing an apprentice and to talk about how apprenticeships could best work for them.

“These small and medium-sized enterprises are needed to provide more apprenticeship opportunities to young people in Lincoln and smaller towns, or rural areas in Lincolnshire where the levy-paying employers are not always present.”