Colin Davie: Our future can only be assured by a clean break from the EU

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Firstly, as someone who campaigned with Vote Leave for the UK to regain all of its sovereign powers, I warmly welcome the clarity contained in the Prime Minister’s Speech.

Theresa May is right, our future can only be assured by a clean break from the past in our future relationship with Europe.

We need to be smart in our negotiations and build a Britain that is the envy of the world.

A country that is the home of innovation, a beacon of productivity and one that is a magnet for global and fair trade. A relationship with Europe not based on past structures, but creating a new order of things.

We need a country that has a global outlook and a county that is prepared to shine a light on how good and amazing Lincolnshire is for future investment from wherever in the world it may come.

In the next ten years Lincolnshire businesses will create 200,000 jobs. Employers will need to fill these jobs either through mechanisation or through managed migration.

It is essential that policy to determine the process for employing overseas labour is settled as early as possible.

Today we have the beginning of clarity to how immigration will be controlled.

I am certain the decision of the people of Lincolnshire to leave the EU behind was the correct one for our county.

We should look forward and see the opportunity and optimism of that decision in building a new global relationship for our country as we seek direct relationships for Lincolnshire in other parts of the world.

We all have a role to play locally and nationally in putting the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain. Let’s take it.

Today the first direct train from China arrives into London. The direct Madrid Train will return loaded with Spanish wines, hams and food products.

How ambitious are we in this new world to fill that train with our goods and products and what would we wish to send from our amazingly county to entice growing trade between our nations.

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