Five gadgets for the ultimate office

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There are many ideas for what would make your office the perfect place to work, however the best doesn’t come cheap.

Here are five high-tech office ideas that you will love, but may have to save for:

Aeron Remastered

You may just say that this is just a chair, but you would be wrong.

This new and improved office chair has been remastered to provide the best health benefits for office workers that spend most of their time sat at their desk.

The new design will provide better support in an upright position and across a wider range of postures, which can be custom fit for each individual worker.

TopBrewer smart coffee machine

Although this may just look like just a tap, it is actually a very special coffee maker, which includes the world’s smallest milk foamer on the very tip and can be controlled by any android, iPhone, or iPad.

Fresh milk is heated on demand and foamed to the correct texture for whatever coffee you or your customer desires.

With a simple touch of your smart device, you can brew a whole range of coffee styles with freshly ground coffee beans.

If you don’t have a smart device a finger touch keyboard can be built into the tabletop.

The added bonus is that it actually cleans itself after each cup.

Emperor Workstation

How would you like to work in a position that fits your mood?

The Emperor workstation will adjust both you and your computer to a horizontal position if that’s what you would prefer.

It contains an integrated audio system, LED lighting and is designed to keep your staff productive and improve their performance.

Its design provides a shelter from visual distractions and provides privacy for its user.

So why not put your feet up and enjoy work a little more?

New Macbook Pro

For those that just can’t afford to take not their work home with them, the new MacBook Pro will help get that little extra bit done in time for dinner as it’s faster and more powerful than before.

It includes a Multi-Touch bar built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want when you want them.

Robotic receptionist

If you want to make a real impact on your customers, why not have them greeted by Pepper?

This robot can help guide your customers to where they need to be and will certainly make an impression.

Pepper will be able to provide answers to your customer’s question and even up-sell products they want to buy.