Lincoln duo launch county’s first corndog business

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Two entrepreneurs have quit their jobs to set up Lincolnshire’s first mobile Corndog kiosk, following a £14,000 investment and creating two new jobs.

Kat Nicholson and Toni Esberger, both friends from school, have decided to follow their dreams and come back to Lincoln to make a name in the events catering industry, launching Frank Corndogs.

Frank Corndogs is the first stall to exclusively sell corndogs in Lincolnshire

They will be selling Frankfurter sausage covered in a sweet batter and then fried and served with tomato ketchup, mustard or syrup for those who like things a little bit sweeter.

Toni has left her position as a CEO for Nottingham charity Click Nottingham, whilst Kat has left her trade as a teacher for a new challenge.

The duo hope to travel not just Lincolnshire, but the UK to provide event goers with American-style corndogs.

Kat said: “We have two premium corndogs which are cheese and chilli, but we also do just plain too.

“The main thing is that the UK doesn’t get the opportunity to taste these, so we are bringing the corndog to the market.

“In the future, we are hoping to get the product in the supermarkets and opening our own chain of corndog outlets nationwide.

“I’d always thought about corndogs because they are difficult to get in this country.

“I’m a trained chef as well and I said that I really wanted to do something in food and totally different to teaching.

“We are using a traditional recipe and we know that this one works, but we have done a lot of research and we will be developing our ideas and products in the future.”