Lincoln lubricant manufacturer wins national innovation award

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Lincoln-based Witham Oil and Paint has won two innovation awards at the LAMMA agricultural industry show for its new protective lubricant Prolan.

The product beat 70 other competitors to succeed in both the ‘environmental’ category and become the show’s overall winners.

Prolan is a protective lubricant that provides long-lasting protection of metal, wood, rubber and electrical components from rust and corrosion and is made with lanolin, derived from sheep’s wool and is environmentally friendly.

It provides long-lasting protection for farm equipment, keeping it lubricated to prevent breakdowns. It has been proven to extend the longevity of farm machinery and enhance resale value.

LAMMA judges said: “The product had multi-industry worldwide application potential for protecting against rust, corrosion and galvanitic attack.

“Developed from an agricultural waste, it had been researched and formulated so could be applied in a number of ways to protect a very wide range of equipment.”

Managing Director of Witham Group Nigel Bottom said: “We were delighted to get such recognition for this relatively new product.

“The versatility of Prolan makes it suitable to a wide range of on-farm uses, and with NSF approval as a food-grade lubricant, it is safe to use within dairy, vegetable processing and fishery sectors.”