Lincolnshire business leaders hold ‘Chinese takeaway’ in bid to boost trade with China

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More than 70 business representatives from across Lincolnshire came together to celebrate the start of the Chinese New Year and the new business opportunities that come with it on January 26.

Hosted by Streets Chartered Accountants at Lincoln College Group (LCG), The Big Chinese Takeaway 2 focused on importing and exporting with China.

Speakers covered the potential to grow county businesses by operating in the country and gave advice on maximising opportunities and reducing risks.

The event featured speakers from Lincolnshire County Council, China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), Department for International Trade, Fenner Precision Polymers, Natwest Commercial Banking, Beauty Boulevard Ltd, Lincoln College Group and the Greater Lincolnshire Institute of Directors (IoD).

Streets Chartered Accountants Marketing Partner James Pinchbeck said: “The Big Chinese Takeaway not only marked the start of the Chinese New Year, it also celebrated the growing business and cultural ties between, Lincolnshire and China.

“Whilst for many, the country is seen as a source of low cost manufacturing; its continued economic growth provides new and growing markets for our county’s businesses to sell into.

“Equally the country’s increase in wealth has, and continues to, create wealth and investors many of which look to the UK for business investment opportunities.”

Lincoln College Group CEO Gary Headland and the Lincolnshire Branch Chair of the Institute of Directors, a joint supporter of last night’s event, said: “International business – both import and export – is very important to many businesses across Greater Lincolnshire.

“Lincolnshire Business published an article this week about how the weaker pound is benefitting Lincolnshire farmers. The impact of the exchange rate clearly has a positive and a negative effect depending upon the nature of the business involved.

“This, among many other topics, will be discussed and debated at this important annual forum in relation to international business with China.”