New training facility opens in Immingham to reduce forklift accidents

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A new facility training businesses and individuals in driving forklifts has opened in Immingham.

The facility, opened by Windsor Materials Handling, aims to reduce the number of forklift accidents.

Training will be delivered on all types of materials handling equipment including counterbalance, reach trucks, powered pallet trucks (PPT), rough terrain, scissor lifts and boom trucks.

Windsor is also offering health and safety courses, including safety passport, as well as first aid training.

The facility is dual accredited with both the Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB) and the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR), which are widely recognised in the industry.

Windsor training manager John Smith said: “There is a legal imperative here. Training is the only way for organisations to demonstrate that they have taken the necessary measures to ensure equipment is operated not only safely but correctly and in accordance with approved operating procedures.

“Businesses that conduct proper forklift safety training not only benefit from improved efficiency, but reduce the risk of injuries to operators and damage to equipment too.”

Stephen Burton, managing director at Windsor, added: “Forklifts are powerful tools, and if not used correctly, can result in damage to products, and even loss of life.

“Accidents are all too common and we have made it our aim to help customers to minimise their risks by providing sympathetic and professional training to operators; ultimately improving safety and efficiency in facilities across the UK.”

More details and information on how to enrol on a course can be found on the Windsor website.

Alternatively, contact the Immingham branch on 01469 577 777.