One day to go until Lincolnshire Business Expo 2017

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There is still time to register for the Lincolnshire Business Expo at the Lincolnshire Showground on January 18, the county’s largest business to business event.

More than 800 delegates have already pre-registered to hear from 35 speakers at 25 events and see 90 exhibitors showcasing their products and services.

Although some events are now fully booked, there are still some great talks to take advantage of, which can help improve business.

To ensure a space, register now for the following events:

Bryan Hall, MASS Senior Information Risk Owner and Customer Relationship Manager for the Cyber Security division.

Cyber Essentials And The Defence Cyber Protection Partnership: Raising The Bar

The government has stated that one in four businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months (Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2016, Department for Culture, Media & Sports).

What would be the impact on your business if a hacker started to disrupt your company or had access to your information?

The presentation will explain some simple steps to take to protect yourself and your organisation, as well as providing information about where to get additional help and guidance.

Alastair Cunningham, Bank of England East Midlands Agent.

Weathering The Storm: Bank of England Economic Forecast For 2017

Alastair Cunningham, Bank of England East Midlands Agent will provide an exclusive briefing looking at the bank’s Economic Forecast for the year ahead, a particularly poignant topic following the results of the recent Brexit vote.

The seminar includes a short Q&A session toward the end of the discussion.

Rebecca Brennan, Key Account Manager for Curtis Banks Ltd.

Who Said Pensions Were Boring? Making Commercial Property The Ultimate Investment

Every business owner dreams of owning their own business premises, but not everyone realises that they could use the funds held in their pension to do this.

Rebecca Brennan from Tower Wealth Management will provide a highly educational slot on buying your company property using a specialist pension, covering all the potential huge tax savings available both personally and for the company.

Ideal for limited companies who are generating or starting to generate strong profits.

Kelly Goodchild, specialist in Property Tax at Streets Chartered Accountants

Making Self Assessment Less Taxing

A guide to the top tips when completing your tax return whether you are self employed, thinking of going self employed or have investments, rental or other income. 

This presentation will look at who should complete a return and the best ways to manage your return, as well as how to ensure you only pay the tax that is due and how to avoid the pitfalls and penalties of not complying with HMRC.

It will also take a look at Digital Tax Returns and what the future may hold for those required to complete and pay tax through self assessment.

Daniel White, Financial Consultant for Ryley Wealth Management Limited

How to Invest In A Volatile Market

During this session, Ryley Wealth Management Financial Consultant Daniel White will be discussing the do’s and don’t of investing in today’s volatile market, a particularly poignant subject following and ahead of further political and economical changes.

Ryley Wealth Management Limited have developed a wide range of expertise and knowledge, which has helped businesses, individuals and sports professionals.

The company look after SMEs right up to large multi-national businesses, which includes personally looking after the senior executives within those companies, whether private or public quoted companies.

Neil Buck, Managing Director of The Personnel Department.

6.5 Things To Do In Your HR Management Function To Maximise Profits

With employees being possibly the biggest expense (and often hassle) in a business, it is important to maximise the Return of Investment by increasing their productivity and keeping their costs as low as possible.

In this useful session Neil Buck provides 6.5 ways any employer can improve their bottom line just by undertaking some simple but effective HR management strategies in their business.

You may see your HR function in a different light after attending.

The hour-long seminar includes a short Q&A session.

The Exporting is Great lorry will be outside the Epic Centre at the Lincolnshire Showground as part of the Lincolnshire Business Expo. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

Exporting: Is It For You?

Held on the Hub Truck, located outside at the front of the building, business representatives will be able to learn how to grow by trading overseas.

The Department for International Trade provides assistance to those looking to trade internationally – both by uncovering export opportunities, and via face-to-face advice.

This interactive, thought-provoking seminar is aimed at companies that are interested in exporting, designed to set them on the path to start winning business overseas.

Experienced International Trade Advisers will deliver the session, during which you will also hear from local companies who sell a variety of product/service offerings and who are already realising the benefits of trading overseas.

Kelly Evans, Managing Director of Social Change. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

Who Cares Wins: Why Businesses Must Do Good To Be Great

According to the latest research, most people would not care if 74% of all brands disappeared for good.

Why? Because only 3% of UK consumers feel that businesses actually make a meaningful contribution to their quality of life.

In this talk, Kelly Evans, Managing Director for Social Change UK talks about why businesses and brands that ‘mean something’ to consumers will survive long term and those who don’t will become ‘substitutable’.

Rachel Linstead, Managing Director of Firecracker

10 Tips To Increase Employee Productivity For A Healthier Business

Using the wheel of wellbeing, culture and performance, Rachel Linstead, Managing Director of Firecracker, teaches how to see the impact health and nutrition can have upon workplace culture and instilling positive energy.

The workshop will focus on the link between health and productivity, helping you to understand that what you eat will affect your performance at work and giving hints and tips to get more out of your day by tweaking your food and lifestyle choices.

Russell Copley speaking at the Lincolnshire Business Expo 2016

The Guide To Funding Business Growth

This session will help you understand your options for funding business growth.

It will cover the common requirements such as what should be included in a business plan, what financial information you should have available, and what other information you should have for your funding plan. 

It will also run through the criteria and relative pro’s and con’s of the four main funding options – self-finance, debt, grants and equity.