The Year Ahead: Steve Gelder – A new vision for construction

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We enter 2017 off the back of a record year with a very strong order book so perhaps our biggest challenge is to better our 2016 achievements.

The Gelder Group completed a major restructure in 2015 so our big challenges were all addressed back then.

This year will see The Gelder Group re-entering the private housing sector under the brand ‘Gelder Living’.

Following a seven year absence I am really looking forward to us building new homes for private sale once again. No doubt this will create us a few new challenges but all ones, I’m sure, we will relish and overcome.

The image of construction won’t change much during 2017 – it will still be seen as dirty and unsexy and TV Documentaries will still give the impression that we are all cowboys.

Closer to home I’m looking forward to us achieving our 20by17 Vision, 20 business and group wide goals, that we set ourselves in 2014, to be achieved come the end of 2017.

I’ll be so proud of the team that has delivered our vision – building is not known for its goal setting and innovation so it will be quite an achievement.

There are a lot of things to look forward to this year, especially on the technology front.

I recently attended a seminar in London where a guy walked around the room with a camera which triangulated itself with satellites, like a satellite navigation unit does, and drew the room to scale, in colour, with all the people in it and matched these up to Google Street Scene images outside to create a 3D coloured drawing in seconds.

It was incredible, apparently it’s is currently accurate to within 10% and the manufacturers are working on reducing this to 1%. As soon as this is available I want one, it will save so much time surveying and drawing up existing buildings.