Lincolnshire entrepreneurs to launch new marketplace website for independent retailers

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A new website designed by two Lincolnshire entrepreneurs will help provide independent businesses, which specialise in country sports, with the means to sell their wares online.

Based in Alkborough, David Moate and Ben Powell co-founders of Sika UK, have gone it alone after realising that there were not any marketplaces available that bring everything country sports together.

Both being keen shooters, they wanted to provide smaller independent retailers with an online platform to advertise their products to a much larger audience.

The website has been designed similar to Amazon where retailers are able to register for an account and pay a small percentage of the products cost to the website owners.

The site is due to launch on March 1.

David said: “We are both connected to the fishing and equine communities through friends and relationships, and after some more research it was evident there are many small tackle and equine tack shops that have absolutely no online presence.

“From there the concept is starting to grow from simply shooting to fishing, equine and more.

“Sika shall bring together all country sports together in one place, give online consumers a huge catalogue of products to choose from and, more importantly, give smaller independent retailers a strong online presence and exposure to a growing audience.”