One month on: Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce emails remain locked down after Russian cyber attack

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Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce has still not got full access to systems over a month on from a malicious ransomware attack.

The county-wide business support organisation is still unable to use emails or access archived files and data saved on the server, which currently remain in lockdown.

However, all emails sent to Lincs Chamber are still being processed and re-directed to staff who are using temporary email addresses and the organisation is still able to deliver events, business packages and process payments and online activities.

As previously reported, the organisation fell victim to a Russian cyber attack on January 9 delivered in the form of an email attachment which breached the security system.

It was then extended into its back-up server.

The Chamber has confirmed that the attack has not resulted in any data theft but that the malware had ‘locked down’ the server.

The attack ‘planted’ malicious software in the organisation’s systems, which prevented staff from accessing certain data, files or documents.

It was registered with Lincolnshire Police and remains with them, but Lincolnshire Chamber is now working with specialists in Scotland, which were recommended through cyber insurers.

Simon Beardsley, chief executive at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “We’re still experiencing operational challenges, but remain very much open for business.

“We’re working with our local IT provider as well as malware recovery experts, which have been recommended to us through our cyber insurance providers.”