Peter Watson: Start using Facebook re-marketing for your B2B company

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Business to business purchasing often requires much more thought and consideration than consumer purchases.

This, of course, is due to the complexity of businesses, the number of decision makers, and because these transactions often involve much higher value transactions.

This results in the key decision maker looking at three or so competing companies, before discussing with others and collectively making a final purchase decision.

Because of this often long drawn out process, Facebook Re-marketing is an essential tool to help overcome hurdles and breakdown barriers during the decision making process. This will, in turn, educate and nurture your prospects into customers.

With Facebook Re-marketing we can re-connect and re-engage with our business’ lost prospects by building rapport, providing value and increase our credibility in the process.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes: they’ve visited multiple websites, and then left.

Now they are seeing insightful pieces of content from your company in their Facebook newsfeed. Slowly, but surely, your re-marketing is building brand equity, and a preference to your company over your competitors.

The problem with most business’ current re-marketing strategy is that they have fallen into the temptation of going straight for the sale, when there is so much more that can be achieved and gained through a tailored, drawn-out strategy.

People don’t like being sold to directly, so it makes sense to nurture your audience with valuable information, and then, when the time is right, ask them to join you for a coffee or another call to action. It can be visualised how this strategy is planned through a flowchart:

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However, it is important to mention that what I have laid out above is a very simplistic version of a Facebook Re-marketing strategy.

To utilise the tool fully, we can target people who have visited specific pages of a website. For example, if we are creating a solicitor’s strategy, we can target their prospects with the information they are interested in.

When a prospect visits the property section of the website, we can add this person into a specific ‘interested in property audience’, and show them specific property-related content, demonstrating our expertise in this area (see below for the flowchart).

By knowing what our prospect is looking for, and understanding how we can add value to them, it puts us in a very good position to communicate with them and convert them into a customer.

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Remember: the great thing with re-marketing is that we know they want your service, and we are now simply just showing them why they should choose you.