Entrepreneurs open first Lincoln speakeasy bar after £50k investment

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A entrepreneurial duo from Lincoln have added to their entertainment portfolios by opening the city’s first speakeasy-inspired bar.

After an investment of more than £50,000 and a complete refurbishment of two conjoining former shops on Corporation Street, co-owners Robbie Dowdall and Ben Webb are gearing up to open the doors of speakeasy-inspired Vice & Co on the evening of Thursday, April 13.

The pair, who each have backgrounds in the nightlife and entertainment industries, have been working to refurbish the space over the lest few months.

Complete with fake electrical store frontage and ‘rockstar’ waiting staff, owners say it’s something completely new for the city.

As the sun falls the blinds of the bar will come down and the hidden bar will be uncovered, service a drinks menu including a large selection of cocktails.

Guests will enter an old TV and electrical store to find a secret entrance leading to a wall opening.

The business has also created a number of new jobs.

Co-owner Robbie Dowdall said: “It’s bringing together professional bar tending with the speakeasy style. Every city in the UK had speakeasy apart from Lincoln and we wanted to be the ones to bring it to the city.

“The main objective is to be liquid chefs. It’s a very personal and professional aspect that we have. We’re not just bar tenders.

“People can expect high end cocktails and table service. The best way to describe a speakeasy is it’s a restaurant that serves drink.”