Lincoln servicing and MOT business changes hands

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Lincoln servicing, repairs and MOT business LVS AG Ltd has officially changed hands as former owner Andrew Bower, 32, looks for a new venture after 10 years in the business.

Patrick Barker and Jim Marshall officially took the reins on April 1, with plans to invest in a new website and new equipment in the coming months.

Andrew started the business, currently based at Aqua House on Lincoln Enterprise Park, 10 years ago on December 6, when he was 22. The company has now grown to seven staff with a turnover of £610,000.

Andrew is looking forward to a long summer break travelling with his wife and new-born son around Australia before making a decision on what he will do next.

He said: “I decided to sell for a couple of reasons. I always thought I would do 10 years and see where I was. The business has never been in a better position and the family situation kind of tipped me over to sell.

“Pat has been working for me for several years and has been a big part of the business. Jim has been a customer for the last six years and has been a great friend of the business. One thing led to another over a pint and here we are.

“I need to have my teeth into something. I know this business very well and I have a burning inside me to apply everything I have learned to something new.

“I have a couple of ideas as to what I want to do but I am looking forward to taking some time out travelling.

“I just want to thank everyone who has been involved. I can only be as good as those around me.”

Patrick, 37, said: “I joined LVS five years ago after being a customer and Andrew offered me a partnership within the business.

“I became the service manager and in the middle of last year, Andrew asked me if I wanted to take on the company with Jim and Sandra Marshall.

“We have been talking about this for the last 8-9 months.

“Jim and Sandra have been customers of LVS AG LTD for many years and he has a background in oil flow measurement as well as having a keen eye for cars.

“He will be doing the back of house stuff for the business such as the website.

“I came in this morning as the owner and it didn’t feel any different. It’s just a normal day. We’re not working any differently. I’m feeling good and the business is good, so it’s onwards and upwards.”