Sam Elkington: Keeping the pressure on building infrastructure

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There have been significant infrastructure upgrades in Lincoln, primarily by way of new highway schemes over the past 18 months and there are more to come.

The completion of the East West Link Road has been a major boost to Lincoln and traffic movements. The new transport interchange and car park close by is also going to be a big improvement once all the inconvenience and construction work has been completed.

Likewise, outside of Lincoln to the south at Grantham, highway improvements and new roads are being constructed. These works are all going to be coming to a conclusion over the next two or three years.

However, it is important that other infrastructure upgrades, namely gas, water, electricity and drainage, are carried out. This will allow for the development opportunities these road improvements are providing to continue to be delivered.

It is a massive project to ensure that all these services are delivered in a co-ordinated way to ensure that when the first signs of significant infrastructure improvements are being undertaken, such as highways, the rest of these services can be brought forward as well.

This ensures that the county will be able to showcase the large areas of development land available and can be brought forward for development without any due delays.

The planning process, after an application is lodged, can take over 13 weeks to obtain full consent and developers and occupiers do not need any undue delays in bringing projects forward.

The county has major residential development growth plans and the majority of these are being targeted through sustainable urban extensions of over 1,000 dwellings in each individual proposed extension.

Massive highways and infrastructure demands will be required for these targeted growth areas to be delivered in the short term and it is essential that there is a good dialogue between all the relevant statutory bodies.

It is encouraging to see that development works continue at various locations around the county and it is hoped that the other infrastructure works that are required can also continue to be delivered.