Business ordered to pay more than £4k for allowing fly-tipping

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A Grantham company has been handed a bill for more than £4,000 for allowing fly-tipping on a Lincolnshire countryside lane.

South Kesteven District Council prosecuted Grantham Betterview Gardens Ltd after it was paid £350 by a local householder to clear fire damaged items from his home on September 28 last year.

They were then found strewn across a lane yards from the Belton House estate on land owned by Anglian Water, complete with correspondence containing the home owner’s address.

Despite being a licensed trade waste carrier, sole director of the company James Woodward employed two other men to dispose of the waste for a fee of £20, Lincoln Magistrates Court heard on April 24.

The person who took the waste charged £20 for the service.

Woodward was present at the time the items were being cleared from the property but did not check with the individuals where the burned waste would be deposited.

He said under interview with SKDC last November: “If someone comes up to you and says I’ll take a load for twenty quid, you don’t really want to know where it’s going, do you?”

He pleaded guilty to a single count of neglecting his duty of care under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

He was fined £500, ordered to pay clean up costs to Anglian Water of £1,638, prosecution legal costs of £2,653.18 and a £50 victim surcharge leaving a bill of £4,841.18.

An SKDC spokesperson said: “The bill the court has served provides a stark reminder to any waste carrier in South Kesteven.

“Most businesses in this industry in the district are very diligent to ensure they dispose of commercial waste responsibly.

“As a licensed waste carrier, Mr Woodward would have been fully aware of the need to dispose of these items in line with his commercial responsibilities.

“Instead he chose to break the law and has now suffered the consequences.”