Grantham firm invests £1m in innovative cloud-based system

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Grantham-based software specialist Khaos Control Solutions is helping smaller firms to reach their full potential by investing more than £1 million in an innovative cloud-based system.

Khaos Control Cloud is aimed at small retailers and wholesalers who want to improve efficiency and build their business by fulfilling more customer orders.

Using a single platform, teams can manage all areas of the company’s operations, including accounting, customer relations and stock levels.

The software has been developed to help companies streamline the sales and delivery process, while ensuring compliance through accurate record-keeping.

Mike Cockfield, founder and managing director of Khaos Control Solutions, said: “Without the luxury of a large team, smaller business owners and managers sometimes find it difficult to fit all their tasks into the working week. Their increasing workloads can often mean they have little time to develop their customer base.

“With Khaos Control Cloud, we wanted to provide a highly-secure package with all the information a company needs in one place.

“It aims to eliminate the security and accuracy risks that come with spreadsheets and paper-based systems and as it can be accessed from any device, staff can be freed up to work on the move.”