CLA gives talk on Brexit and future of the countryside at Cereals 2017 farming event in Lincolnshire

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The deputy president of the CLA has given a talk on the future of the countryside and Brexit at the Cereals 2017 event in Lincolnshire.

Tim Breitmeyer underlined the importance of the CLA’s recently launched ‘The Countryside Matters’ campaign in a speech at the breakfast event on the first day of the leading technical event for the arable farming industry in Boothby Graffoe.

Around 70 CLA members and invited guests from across the rural business sector attended the talk on June 14.

He said: “Our elected representatives will have crucial decisions to make in the coming months that will shape the future of the rural economy and its communities for generations to come.

“CLA members own and manage around half the rural land in England and Wales as well as a substantial number of rural business.”

The CLA has outlined several priorities, which they feel should be adopted by government to show their understanding of why the countryside matters.

These include a Brexit that works for the countryside, creating homes required in rural areas, ending a digital divide for rural communities, and designing tax regimes that encourages rural businesses.

CLA East director Ben Underwood said that the countryside is worthy of investment and should be made a government priority, so that the return on investments benefit everyone.

He said: “It is vital for the government to treat farming, the rural economy, and our landscapes as a public investment priority.”

“If you believe in a vibrant, living and working countryside then you believe the countryside matters.”