Marco Pierre White: How to be successful in the restaurant industry

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Following his visit to his restaurant in Lincoln, TV chef Marco Pierre White spoke to Lincolnshire Business about how to be successful in the industry and what young chefs should be doing to make it big.

The TV chef, who owns a number of restaurants around the country visited the Marco Pierre Steakhouse, Bar and Grill in Lincoln on Wednesday, June 14.

Marco explained the three main elements customers are looking for within a restaurant and what the most important factor within an eatery is.

It’s not about the food

Contrary to many beliefs, Marco Pierre White believes that a successful restaurant isn’t about the food.

In fact, he says that food is way down on the list of priorities.

Marco said: “What is the most important aspect about a restaurant? It’s not the food.

“It’s not even the service, it’s the environment you sit in.

“If you feel comfortable in that environment then you can be yourself and it is then that you enjoy yourself.

“The second thing is service with a smile and then thirdly it’s food. Food is way down.

“I think that is the future, dining out. We are now in the business of selling a night out, not a plate of food.”

Marco signing his latest book, Essentially Marco, in his restaurant in Lincoln. Photo: Steve Smailes for Lincolnshire Business

It’s all about the guidance

The famous chef has worked built up a strong reputation through years of hard work and dedication.

In his interview, Marco said he works seven-days-a-week and when working as a restaurant chef, worked 24/7 in order to improve.

Marco added: “You need to make sure your career is in the safest possible hands. You need someone who can guide you, teach you, and not allow you to take short cuts.

“Get your classical training and then just do that for five years.

“Do that and then decide where you want to be. If you put your career in the wrong hands, you’re done.”