Scorchio! Lincoln businesses cashing in on heatwave

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As temperatures in Lincolnshire have soared to over 30 degrees this weekend, there has been a surge of people after refreshments to cool them down in the heat. Lincolnshire Business went out into the city to see how much of a success the ice cream and milkshake industry has been over the last few days.

Dennett’s Ice Cream Parlour

“It’s just been marvellous, from the minute we open up at 10 in the morning people are eager and ready to eat and it goes on until 10 at night,” said Claire Dennet.

Lucy and Claire Dennett of The Ice Cream Parlour

“We don’t really deal with [the competition], our own reputation does that and we’ve been making ice cream since 1926.”

“We do okay in the winter, we take very little, but we like to stay open for local people, so this keeps us afloat.

Go Gelato

Owner Mark Poole, said: “It’s been fantastic for us. It is our time of year, it really picks up for us. Everyone loves and ice cream and there are queues up the street.

“The competition is fairly nicely spaced out and nobody is too far away from good ice creams.

Go Gelato Image: Guy Owen

“This is the time for us when the income comes in and helps you through the winter, obviously ice creams are not the best sellers, but we evolve the place into a coffee shop with cakes and puddings, but this is the season where everything happens.”


“Last week this shop was up 84% from the same week last year which is unbelievable,” said Robert Payton, the owner of both Eskimoo shops in the city.

“We literally leave the air conditioning system on for 24 hours otherwise it’s like an oven.

Eskimoo Image: Guy Owen

“There’s no direct competition but there’s competition in the sense of other places that sell cold drinks, it’s been amazing and I wish it was like this every day of the year.

“This is our 10th year as a business. When it’s hot it’s good but when it’s cold it’s not so busy.”

Ben and Jerry’s, Lincoln Odeon

“It’s been really busy and people have been coming in just for the ice cream,” said Odeon Lincoln manager Janine Pettifor.

“I think everyone knows the brand and people know what to expect from Ben and Jerry’s. It is in demand and it is hard to judge the stock levels to put in place but we can keep fully stocked up.

Janine Pettifor at Lincoln Odeon. Image: Guy Owen

“I don’t see that we affect [other businesses] and I don’t think they affect us. We tend to deal with the people on the Brayford and that tends to be nobody in direct competition.”

Thorntons, Lincoln

Asked how the fine weather has been this weekend, manager Tracey Burton, said: “It has had a real massive impact and has worked really well for us.

Tracey Burton of Thorntons in Lincoln. Image: Guy Owen

“As there’re two shops within Lincoln if one sells out we run down to the other shop, so it’s a win win for both stores.

“We don’t have competition as we’re the best on the High Street!”