Lincolnshire solicitor urges drone users to be aware of legal restrictions

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A leading Grimsby headquartered solicitor is calling for drone users to adhere to the law after recent controversies have surrounded the new technology.

Andrew Holt, Partner and Head of Litigation and Regulatory and Crime at Wilkin Chapman, said it’s “worth noting that there are legal considerations” around the drones.

This comes after Gatwick Airport closed on July 2 as drones were flying too close, causing five flights to be diverted.

There is now an increased use of drones across the county, especially in rural areas for a variety of personal and professional use.

Andrew said: “It is certainly worth noting that there are legal considerations drone operators should be mindful of when they are flying their devices over the property of others – be it a large piece of farmland or in a residential area.

“Issues can arise if a drone is flown under a certain height and regularly over the same areas of land or property.

“If you are a drone owner who wishes to do either of the above, it is more than advisable to seek permission from the relevant land/home owners before doing so.

“The rise in the use of such drones has inevitably seen the ‘amateur pilot’ take control and that again brings another risk that users need to be aware of – falling devices can damage property, and it is unlikely that such ‘pilots’ will have the necessary insurance to cover this eventuality.

“And last, but certainly not least, is the issue of privacy covering drones which are fitted with cameras – rules which may also extend to the sharing of content that is captured on film.”