Cllr Colin Davie on Lincoln High Street revamp: ‘We expect it to be ready for the Christmas market’

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Lincolnshire County Councillor Colin Davie has confirmed he fully expects the lower High Street roadworks to be completed in time for the Christmas Market after fears from local businesses.

The roadworks to pedestrianise the High Street down to Tentercroft Street (East West Link Road) are expected to last for 14 weeks, bringing the completion date to mid November.

When Lincolnshire Business spoke to businesses in the area, despite backing the plans, traders worried that if the work was not competed on time it could impact the festive trade.

Artist impression of the new look High Street.

Speaking at an event to mark the start of the redevelopment, Councillor Davie told Lincolnshire Business:

I am very, very clear that we set a 14 week timeline and I expect it to be delivered in 14 weeks. Our work men are currently at work and we expect it to be ready for the Christmas market.”

As well as pedestrianising the area, more benches and will increase the current open space.

I think the plans are important, and it’s really important we bring the high street down into the southern part and make sure it’s an attractive place for visitors and businesses.

“It’s really important that the businesses in this part can become more sustainable and more vibrant and can attract the higher spending clientele.”