Lincolnshire Show 2017 boosts economy by more than £11m

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Some £11 million was spent in and around Lincoln by visitors to this year’s Lincolnshire Show, according to new research.

The two-day event, which attracted around 60,000 visitors, saw almost £7.5 million spent at the range of trade stands, including food, drink, clothing, homeware and other specialist services.

On top of that, more than £3.5 million was spent in the city by county showgoers on travel, accommodation and within local facilities including shops, restaurants and tourist spots.

The show attracts people from all over the country, who either attend to watch and enjoy the exhibits and displays, or take part and compete within events, such as livestock, equine and horticultural competitions.

This year’s spending report has been produced by The University of Lincoln as part of a survey carried out with visitors during the show.

Jayne Southall CEO of Lincolnshire Showground, said: “It’s amazing to see how much the show continues to benefit the local economy.

“Both spending figures equate to a huge amount, which not only benefits businesses exhibiting at the event, but also Lincolnshire’s economy which receives a significant financial injection from the show.”