Phase two of Lincolnshire Showground eco-homes to begin in 2018

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Developers behind the eco-homes project at the Lincolnshire Showground will begin phase two of the scheme at the beginning of 2018.

So far Gusto Homes has built 18 terrace properties at Woodlands Edge in North Carlton. Some 11 more homes will now be constructed on the site, set in 12 acres of parkland.

In the eco-homes, electricity costs just £1 a day and rainwater is collected to flush toilets.

They are currently priced between £325,000 and £369,000 with estate agent Hodgson Elkington.

Woodlands Edge also includes a two-level lake and a five-acre mature wood.

Steff Wright, managing director for Gusto Homes, was so happy with the project that he moved his family into one of the properties this summer. 

Steff Wright is now living in one of the 18 homes he developed

He said: “This project has given us the opportunity to bring all of our 20 years knowledge of eco-homes together and create something fantastic. This project has been an exciting challenge, and we are enthusiastic about Phase 2 of the development which will bring a great opportunity for 11 additional home owners to join the Woodland’s Edge community.

“West Lindsey District Council has a great enthusiastic attitude to create something new and different within their area, and it is rare to find a council so invested.”

West Lindsey District Council’s building control team have been working closely with Gusto Homes on the development.

Philip Westmorland, building control surveyor at the council said: “I knew the project was going to be good having seen the designs and knowing the quality of Gusto Homes – but seeing them complete is great.

“They are located with easy access to the A15 and in close proximity to the city of Lincoln. The development benefits from a rural location that much of West Lindsey offers. It has been a privileged for our team to work on this exciting project and I can’t wait for phase two start.”


It has also won the “Best New Homes” category of the 2016 West Lindsey District Council ‘Quality in Construction’ Awards and a Lincolnshire Energy Award in 2015.