Year in Review: Angela Andrews – Another fantastic year for Lincoln

As the year comes to a close, we can reflect on a fantastic 2017 and look forward to an exciting 2018.

For City of Lincoln Council, the year began with a Corporate Peer Review undertaken by the Local Government Association. The team visited the council over a three day period to review our performance and spoke to more than 80 people, including staff, councillors and external stakeholders.

The feedback was incredibly complimentary about the council and its staff, stating they show ‘a huge amount of pride and commitment in and to the city and the council – all staff and councillors are excellent ambassadors’. They went on to say that we provide ‘a clear vision for the city and its community’ and residents ‘feel involved and valued’. This feedback meant we began the year on a real high.

Throughout the year we have been involved in many projects that we have been incredibly proud to be a part of. I think everyone will remember the tremendous success of the city’s football club and for the city council to help provide the ‘Imp Parade’ to celebrate this success was a massive boon for the city, and the turnout was spectacular.

Throughout the year investment has continued to pour into the city, with an estimated half-a-billion pounds worth in recent times. This has seen the skyline changing with every week that passes as impressive new developments have taken shape across Lincoln.

For the city council, the most significant of these projects is the new £30 million Lincoln Transport Hub scheme – a £30 million regeneration project that has already transformed the city centre.

In November we opened the first phase of the scheme’s 1,000 space multi-storey car park with the remaining phases due to open soon. In addition, the city’s new, state-of-the-art bus station is also nearing completion.

This much needed facility is due to begin operation early in the new year and we can’t wait for everyone to see it – it’s something really very special and a huge improvement over our previous one! This is a fantastic project and one that will help ensure a bright future for Lincoln. This scheme has created a more accessible and attractive gateway to the city, helping pave the way for further investment that will help increase the vibrancy and vitality of the city centre.

A couple of other projects we are delivering are also nearing fruition. The improvements to Boultham Park, in partnership with Linkage, is hugely important for Lincoln as parks are essential to our remarkable city. They encourage healthy lifestyles and give people a pleasant outdoor environment to visit and enjoy.

The improvements at Boultham Park will include a brand new café, bandstand and education centre, as well as improved lighting, pathways and park furniture. The new Boultham Park will be a great place to visit, and is sure to bring more people into Lincoln.

Early in 2018 we will see the opening of the newly refurbished Birchwood Leisure Centre. We have invested £1.5 million to transform the centre, providing fantastic new facilities including a children’s soft play area, climbing wall and state-of-the-art spin studio. This exciting development will provide a fantastic, affordable facility for the city, offering something for everyone all under one roof.

The city council continues to pride itself on being an organisation with residents at its heart, committed to providing quality services and delivering the best for Lincoln now and in the future.