Year in Review: Julie Bailey – A year of change for the country

2016 was a year of change for the country, as a consequence of the Brexit vote and all that came after it, and for Andrew & Co with a move to our new offices in Newark and an ongoing recruitment drive to hire the right people to maintain the service level we pride ourselves on to our clients in Lincolnshire and North Nottinghamshire.

It looks like the year ahead will still be a turbulent one for the country but my hope is that, certainly for me in my role as chief executive, there will be fewer distractions and I can concentrate on working alongside the heads of our seven technical legal teams to be able to ‘get on with the day job’ of supporting our clients and helping them achieve what they want in their lives whether it be moving house, developing or selling their business or planning for their retirement.

It has always been the diversity of what we at Andrew & Co do that I have found most exciting and interesting. No two days are ever the same. In 2017 I have most enjoyed, and at times was most exasperated by, the recruitment we have done.

Alongside making some senior appointments of solicitors who have extensive experience and impressive CVs, this year has also seen us recruit our first millennial. Much has been said in the press about the challenges the millennial generation will bring with their low attention span and hedonist approach to life. My experience to date does not bear that out.

At Andrew & Co we have always supported the advancement of our staff. This year we have retained someone who first came to us through the University of Lincoln mentoring programme, then joined us a paralegal, did her solicitor training whilst working with us and is now a solicitor in our Company Commercial Team. We also have others that we are supporting through further training and this year we have taken on two apprentices.

My experience in all cases has been that our young people are driven and focused and bring a massive amount of enthusiasm and keenness to learn and gain experience from their more senior colleagues. The positive side effect of that is that it rubs off on ‘old timers’ like me and that the blend of those that are just starting out, those that are gaining experience and those that have been there and done that, all of which we have, brings a progressive outlook to how we do things at Andrew & Co which is essential to keep up with the pace of these fast changing times that our clients face.

So far as resolutions for 2018 are concerned, personally I try to stay away from the old favourites which are so tempting – eat less, exercise more. I do intend however to recycle an old one which I have not thus far managed to maintain, which is to keep a journal.

I think it is so easy in our personal and our professional lives to focus on the things we did not manage to do and forget about all those, often small things, we did achieve which cumulatively add up to quite a lot. It will also help me if I am asked to write another piece like this next year!