Hotel Chocolat to open first Lincolnshire store

Award-winning chocolatier brand Hotel Chocolat will open a new store in Lincoln later this year.

Hotel Chocolat, which first launched in London in 2004, is planning to open on High Street in May – the first shop for the brand in Lincolnshire.

Hotel Chocolat currently has 93 shops as well as a number of cafés and restaurants around the world.

Photo: Herry Lawford

The move will create 10 jobs in the area.

A spokesperson for Hotel Chocolat told Lincolnshire Business: “We have plans to open a store in Lincoln, which will be our first store in Lincolnshire but it’s still being negotiated.

“However I have an opening date of May so far which can change depending on progress.

“The plan is to be on the High Street and the store will be one of our retail stores which will be selling everything from elegant gift boxes of chocolate to your everyday chocolate fix, all made according to our mantra – More Cocoa, Less Sugar – for a satisfying cocoa hit, it will also be serving our ‘Ice Cream of the Gods’.

“The store will create around 10 jobs.”