Lincolnshire finally gets its own tea

There is nothing better than sitting back and relaxing with a cup of tea after a long day in the office, and now yellowbellies have their own brew to consume.

The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company, based in North Hykeham, has introduced its own range of Lincolnshire Tea, which is specifically blended for hard water.

Owner of the Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company, Susie Carlisle said: “After much research, evaluation and tea tasting, we launched the first phase of Lincolnshire Tea in summer 2017 with a commercial range of the tea.

Susie Carlisle with a tube of Lincolnshire Tea

“Our aim was always to include a slightly stronger paper bag within the range which would benefit from the same quality tea from East Africa and Assam but in a smaller leaf resulting in a stronger, quicker brewing cup.

“We sent a sample of the tea to Anglian Water and they did a taste test in the office. The feedback we received was fantastic.”

In December, the full range of Lincolnshire Tea in retail packaging became available.

Packaging includes an image of Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral and has been taken from of a painting by local artist Edward Waite, created for Lincolnshire Tea.

Susie added: “We have been so pleased with the interest in this new tea and the feedback received is what a fantastic quality cup of tea it makes, we are hearing regularly ‘the best tea I have ever tasted’.

“We are also moving premises this month to enable us to sustain the growth of this product and the business as a whole.

“It is exciting times at The Lincoln Tea and Coffee Company!”

Lincolnshire Tea is available in: 80 Paper Tea Bags, 30 Prism Tea Bags or 200g Loose Leaf Tea

How to brew the perfect Lincolnshire Tea

For the perfect Lincolnshire brew, freshly boiled water (100°C) should be added to the tea.

The tea should be left to infuse for three to four minutes or to personal taste.

Enjoy the tea black or with milk, or, for a refreshing twist add a slice of orange or lemon.

To find out where you can buy this Lincolnshire brew, click or tap here.