Lincolnshire firm upgrades over 400 buses to reduce pollution in London

Gainsborough-based emissions reduction specialists Eminox has upgraded over 400 buses ready for the introduction of the new Low Emission Bus Zones (LBEZ) across London.

Eminox has now upgraded transport for Arriva, Go Ahead Group and Tower Transit

The project has already proven to significantly reduce pollution in key areas of the capital and Eminox is the only British company to be a key supplier for the projects.

This includes the already introduced Putney and Brixton LEBZs as well as upcoming A12 Eastern Avenue, which is due to be implemented in March 2017.

The buses will be upgraded with the Eminox SCRT, designed and manufactured in the UK, which is proven to reduce NOx and NO2 emissions by 99% and Particulate Matter (PM) by 95%.

Carlos Vicente, Retrofit Sales Director for Eminox, said: “We are proud to be the largest contributor to the TfL programme and have worked closely with all of our customers to make this happen.

“Emission levels across the UK are becoming an increasing focus as a primary way to reduce air pollution, so it is great to see how much of an impact our SCRT is having in these areas.

“Over the next two years, this focus is only going to become more intense as the new London Ultra-Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is introduced and Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are announced across the country.

“Eminox has upgraded more vehicles to Euro VI standards than anyone else working on these projects.”