Charlotte Baxter: 6 myths of managed workspaces debunked

There are a lot of myths out there about serviced offices that simply aren’t true.

Here are a few things to think about before you decide it’s not the right thing for you:

Myth 1: Services offices are on the pricey side…

On face value, serviced offices look expensive, however, let’s take a moment to consider what’s included in your rent.

At Sparkhouse insurances, utilities (water, gas and electricity), broadband, furniture, meeting rooms and reception services are all taken care of!

Now, doesn’t that make the price seem a little more reasonable?

Myth 2: The moving in process takes so much time!

Moving into premises of any kind takes time BUT significantly less if moving into your new space is just a matter of bringing the laptop and the paperwork.

Our easy in / easy out terms are designed with our tenants in mind.

Myth 3: You have to adhere to serviced offices working hours

At Sparkhouse you’ll have 24-hour access to your office and all amenities 365 days per year.

Myth 4: I can’t make the office my own with my own branding

Ok, so Sparkhouse draw a line at refurbishing the office space and ripping up the carpet, however, you’re more than welcome to mark your territory as long as the changes aren’t permanent.

We allow a feature wall painted in your company colours and even provide a complimentary sign for your door so everybody knows which office is yours.

Myth 5: I don’t want to be tied into a long-term contract

What if we told you you’re on a one-month rolling contract at Sparkhouse?

You can upscale or downscale your office at any time to meet your business needs.

We don’t have any long term contracts – you won’t be tied in!

Myth 6: There’s always hidden costs

There simply aren’t any hidden costs at all.

Any additional services you take at Sparkhouse will be agreed between yourselves and us and they’ll be itemised on your invoice so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Sparkhouse offers much more for our tenants than just office space – we include a wealth of facilities such as our onsite café, perfect for informal meetings; an accessible city centre location, based on campus at the University of Lincoln; access to the university sports centre gym, from only £11 per month and onsite shower and changing rooms.

Our friendly team are on hand to help you through your journey, our links to the business community provide unique opportunities and we even include FREE access to business expertise through our events programme and mentoring services.

What’s not to like? For more information visit our website.

— Charlotte Baxter is the centre manager of Sparkhouse at the University of Lincoln