Counselling service celebrates four years helping people in need

Lincoln-based not-for-profit Supporting Minds is celebrating after four years of successfully offering its counselling services to the community.

The service which has offices in Lincoln’s Carlton Centre, was set up with the aim of easing NHS waiting lists, making counselling affordable and as a way to make therapy available to everyone all of the time.

Since opening in 2014, they have served over 600 clients and have expanded their business to include couple’s counselling, art therapy and workshops especially for children.

Supporting Minds was the brainchild of NHS Nurse Jenine Butroid, who retrained as a psychotherapist while recovering from a spinal cord injury.

Jenine Butroid started Supporting Minds 4 years ago. Photo: Supporting Minds

Jenine Butroid said: “When I set up SM four years ago I was ostracised by my peers. Other professionals thought it was a ‘pie in the sky idea’ and would never take off. Now they refer hundreds of people to use, even my husband didn’t believe this would work, not that he would admit it now.”

Zoe Venn was the organisation’s first client, she said: “I found the NHS belittling and unhelpful, once I was even asked to have a phone interview to assess ‘how bad I was’.

“I had fortnightly appointments with Wendi at Supporting Minds, I learnt that I don’t need to be defined by anxiety, just learn to adapt in situations where it increases.

“Since then I’ve returned to Supporting Minds a couple of times over the last four years.”

Despite offering their services for £10 per session, Supporting Minds is entirely self funded.  They therefore rely on school and college contracts, staff training, kids’ workshops and consultancy to raise the £300,000 required to fund the company.


The ‘magic minds’ sessions help children cope with anxiety and stress. Photo: Supporting Minds