Free advice for firms hit by Carillion collapse

Grimsby-based company rescue and recovery specialist Forbes Burton is offering free consultations to advise companies on the best course of action following the collapse of Carillion last month.

After Carillion was forced into compulsory liquidation just a few weeks into 2018, hundreds of companies have been left unpaid or stuck with bills connected to important contracts.

It is estimated that around 43,000 jobs are at risk globally at Carillion and more than 30,000 suppliers around the UK are still owed money by the company.

The team at Forbes Burton in Grimsby is set to help those affected by the liquidation of Carillion.

The liquidation came with the news that the company has debts of around £1 billion and a £600 million pension deficit. It is being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority over announcements made between December 2016 and July 2017.

Director at Forbes Burton Rick Smith said: “We’ve been working with companies locally and nationally for the last ten years and we know the problems and challenges they face.

“We were receiving calls from sub-contractors working with Carillion long before the liquidation. This has been brewing for a long time.

“The knock-on effect of the collapse of Carillion will take some time to be fully felt and we’re only just seeing the start of the impact.

“Our company insolvency specialists will be running free clinics to anyone who has, or will, be affected by the liquidation of Carillion.”

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