Grant funding to improve disabled access for North Lincolnshire shops

Changes have been made to the North Lincolnshire Council’s Traditional Shopfront Grant scheme to include support to improve disabled access.

Any shops or businesses that apply for grant funding will be supported if they plan to improve internal and external disabled access.

North Lincolnshire Council’s Traditional Shopfront Grant Scheme is part of a rolling programme that benefits premises in conservations areas.

It offers grants of 50% for the installation of new traditionally-styled shopfronts up to a maximum of £7,500, if work is completed within a year of the grant offer.

So far, 12 grants have been awarded a total of £47,000.

Councillor Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “It’s important that historic buildings are accessible so that they can be used and enjoyed by everybody.

“We felt it was important we changed the scheme to enable shops in the conservation areas to do this.

“Easier access will also benefit others, including a parent pushing a buggy or an older person.

“The Traditional Shopfront Grant Scheme aims to protect and enhance shopfronts in keeping with the conservation area.

“Traditional shop-frontages in our towns will feel more welcoming and encourage more visitors and shoppers to the area. They can have a big impact.”