Hill Holt Wood finds innovative way to reuse waste sawdust

Social enterprise Hill Holt Wood near Lincoln has made a big leap for sustainability by reinventing its waste timber operation.

Funding from the Environment Now Project has allowed the youngest member of staff (17-24) to develop a system to process waste sawdust into burnable briquettes, to be used as an alternative to firewood.

Dubbed Operation Sawdust, the new initiative waste timber back into the production cycle.

Timber deemed inappropriate for joinery at Hill Holt is used as firewood, with all offcuts being processed and burnt in the on-site biomass boiler to heat the office buildings.

Using the single-phase PH Briquette Press from MAE Development, the forestry apprentices at Hill Holt Wood oversee the production process by keeping the hopper filled with sawdust created on-site and donated by other local woodworkers.

Design:HHW, the graduate-led architectural design team at Hill Holt Wood, runs the research, distribution and marketing of the operation.

The team are currently recording and improving on the performance of each batch of briquettes by monitoring the moisture content, temperature and humidity.

They have also incorporated a system by which the briquette machine can be freely used by anyone hoping to reduce their waste.

Operation Sawdust is currently seeking new sources of waste sawdust outside of Hill Holt Wood.

Any businesses with excess dry and untreated sawdust to donate, or firms that wish to order a bag of briquettes should contact [email protected]