Lincoln shopping centre installs Intellibox as part of recycling revolution

Lincoln has become the latest city to join a recycling revolution with the arrival of Intellibox at the Waterside Shopping Centre.

The cash-machine style kiosk has been installed in the centre’s lower level and allows people to sell their unwanted mobile phones in minutes.

Rather than posting phones to online companies, people looking to sell their old phone can simply place it in the draw of the Intellibox.

The patented technology inside the kiosk assesses the phone and values it there and then, with payments being made directly into bank accounts or added to an Amazon gift voucher.

Once a phone has been put into the kiosk, the Intellibox scans and ‘shakes hands’ with the phone and, in less than five minutes, finds out everything it needs to know about the phone’s status and condition to value it.

The system works with both working and broken phones and also offers a free charging point regardless of whether or not you use its service.

Som Sinha, CEO and founder of Intellibox, which was set up in 2014 said: “We are looking to change the way people sell their phones and are pioneering our service in specially selected locations.

“The service has already proved very popular with people in London, and we are confident that Lincoln residents will be equally keen to use the service and swap their old phones for cash or an Amazon voucher in a matter of minutes not days.”

Dean Cross, General Manager of the Waterside Shopping Centre, added: “We are always looking to enhance the appeal of the Waterside, and by adding Intellibox to our other services, like the Amazon Locker and the soft play area, we are making life a little bit easier for the people who visit us.”