Lincolnshire inventor creates rope launcher to swing through the air like Spiderman

Ever wanted to swing through the air like Spiderman? One Spalding inventor has now made that dream a reality.

Owner of Air-Ropes Trajan Dimsey, 34, has created a device which mimics the action of the comic book superhero Spiderman.

The grappling hook launcher, which Trajan build in his bedroom, shoots ropes into the air that attach to targets – similar to Spiderman shooting webs from his arm.

Trajan Dimsey with his Air-Ropes invention

Trajan has now set up a Kickstarter page to raise £250,000 to further develop his invention – if successful he will take his equipment on tour as part of a travelling theme park ride.

He has until March 18 to raise the money.

Trajan told Lincolnshire Business: “I’ve always dreamed of swinging through the air like Spiderman.

“Other influences were Batman, Attack on Titan, Liero, Assassins Creed and Zelda.

“There are so many fictional examples that I grew frustrated at the lack of a real, working grappling hook launcher so I decided to build one for myself.

“It has taken me 18 months to get here. I built the grappling hook launchers in my bedroom using simple hand tools.

“Then I tested it by launching ropes up the stairs and once I got it working I rented a field to build towers to shoot at.

“Next, I want to setup an engineering company locally to produce grappling hook launchers and then take this equipment on tour like a travelling theme park ride.

“For those who don’t want to swing I’m also selling tickets for the Target Range.

“Just putting on the arm launchers and launching a grappling hook at a target is incredibly satisfying.

“I’ll also make some automated moving targets so you can work on your accuracy and skill level.”

For more information and to back this Lincolnshire inventor, click or tap here.