Six tips to improve Netflix for your snow day

Netflix is a great streaming site for your favourite films and TV shows after a hard day’s work and particularly useful on snow days – but what if you could make it even better?

Lincolnshire Business has put together a list of ways to help improve your Netflix account.

Check out these six tips to improve your Netflix experience:

1. Trialling the latest shows

Photo: Netflix

In your account settings you can choose to be a Netflix guinea pig and trial some of the latest releases.

This settling lets you see potential changes to the site before they are available to other members.

2. Hide the binge-watching evidence

Photo: Netflix

Have you spent the entire weekend watching Friends on repeat but want to hide the evidence?

By going into your account settings you can click on your recent activity and delete the shows you don’t want to admit you’ve watched.

3. Netflix your way

Photo: Netflix

Not happy with the way Netflix orders your home screen? Change it.

By going onto ‘Order My List’ in the account settings, you can change the order from ‘Netflix Suggestions’ to ‘Manual’, meaning you choose what you want to see.

4. Data saving

Photo: Netflix

Out and about but in need of a Netflix binge?

You can lower the quality of the videos to use less data meaning you can spend more time watching your favourite show, and less time worrying that you will run out of data.

5. Subtitles to suit you

Photo: Netflix

It’s sometime good to have subtitles on a programme or film to help you understand what is going on – but sometimes those subtitles don’t look very clear.

By going into the account settings you can change the size, font and colour of the subtitles to suit you.

6. Putting in requests

Photo: Netflix

Is your all time favourite film not on Netflix yet? Why not put a request in and tell Netflix what you would like to see.

This can be done through going onto your help centre and typing in ‘requests’, a link will then come up for you to request your favourite shows and films.