Becoming a ‘vegan-friendly city’: How Lincoln restaurants are catering for the growing movement

As veganism continues in popularity across the UK, Lincoln restaurants are keeping up with the times and expanding their menus to facilitate the popular movement.

Over the last year, restaurants across the city have increased the variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes, with new flavours tempting customers from far and wide.

Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. This includes not eating or drinking products such as milk, eggs and meat, and not using materials such as leather.

A number of bars and restaurants in the city now offer a range of vegan food, from curries and falafel wraps, to coffee with milk alternatives such as oat and almond milk.

Darius Hosseini

Darius Hosseini, a barista at Angel Coffee House on Free School Lane, who is also vegan told  Lincolnshire Business : “I became vegan just at the time when it was starting to become easier.

“Quite recently, loads of restaurants and cafes are offering entire vegan menus, with a range of vegan options.

“I think Lincoln is a very vegan-friendly city now.”

Gary and Tracy Goddard, owners of Cafe Shanti

Cafe Shanti on Clasketgate offers a range of vegan curries, burgers and wraps, with 90% of the menu catering to the movement.

Gary Goddard, chef and co-owner said: “I think veganism is growing in the city and  there is definitely more awareness.”

Kat Fullbrooke

The Bailgate Deli on Gordon Road welcomes the increase in people looking for vegan delicacies.

Kat Fullbrooke, who works at the cafe, said: “The interest in vegan food is growing in the city and has done in the last six months to a year.

“We’re seeing a lot of chains now switch on to the idea and most places are accommodating now if you ask them to make something.”

Video by Jack Surfleet