HSBC supports Ringrose Law expansion plans

Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire based law firm Ringrose Law Solicitors are embarking on expansion plans, which includes a new commercial department.

The firm, which was established in 1885, currently operates out of six offices in mid and south Lincolnshire.

Focusing on the private sector, Ringrose Law specialises in community matters such as family law, personal injury, employment law, wills, probate, mediation and mental health law.

Part of the expansion package, which has been supported by HSBC, has been to create a new commercial department with established and experienced case workers.

This department was launched at the Lincolnshire Business Expo in January 2018.

Key to the growth plans is a series of mergers/acquisitions bringing others into the ‘Ringrose family’ and providing merged firms and departments with the operational tools necessary to efficiently represent clients to a greater degree than they could do before.

Ringrose Law has already successfully overseen mergers with Adie Pickwell in Lincoln, D W Hitchcock in Sleaford, Nortons in Grantham and on the back of that departments in Crime and Child related matters. The latest merger was with Bambridges in Boston in June 2017.

The firm expects its plans to increase turnover and profit significantly and throughout the expansion process, Ringrose Law hopes to bring in new staff, as well as additional partners, as the business continues to grow.

Paul Cooper, Senior Partner at Ringrose Law Solicitors, said: “Partnering with other local law firms and acquiring departments to create a larger network across Lincolnshire is a vital growth strategy for our business.

“It will allow us to offer a better service for clients across the region and support smaller companies in an extremely competitive market place.”

Stephen Evans, HSBC’s Area Director in Lincoln, said: “The planned expansion at Ringrose Law Solicitors is something that we are extremely happy to provide support for.

“HSBC is actively supporting ambitious businesses such as Ringrose Law Solicitors with funding and advice and we look forward to seeing the firm continue to grow in the future.”

HSBC’s Relationship Manager, Ian Green, led the deal for Ringrose Law Solicitors and continues to provide guidance as the company progresses its business strategy.