Lincolnshire surfacing firm repairs RAF’s largest station

This month, Lincolnshire based Minster Surfacing has been involved in several works at the largest RAF station in the UK, RAF Brize Norton.

Throughout March, the firm’s teams have been replacing drains, repairing hangar door tracks and working on a new entrance layout.

RAF Brize Norton is home to the RAF’s strategic and Tactical Air Transport (AT) and Air-to-Air- Refueling (AAR) forces.

It provides rapid global mobility in support of UK overseas operations and exercises and provides AAR support for fast jet aircraft.

The new entrance for RAF Brize Norton is designed to improve access and traffic flow, while the improvements to the station’s drainage will play a crucial role for the station’s future operations.

Drainage is important as water can create a hazard for vehicles and aircraft and any fuel or oil spillages can be dangerous. The drains also prevent any harmful chemicals from damaging the environment so they’re vital for station activity.

Director of Minster Surfacing, Bruce Spencer-Knott said: “It’s always an honour to work for the RAF and as a trusted supplier for the Ministry of Defence, we’re proud to be doing so much work at this enormous station.

“Being Lincoln-based, the RAF is in our blood and so working on the big hangar doors at the station was a particularly enjoyable task for the team.”