Event advising businesses how to protect against modern slavery to take place next month

An event will take place next month aimed at helping businesses protect themselves from the risks of modern slavery.

At the event: Modern Slavery: How to Protect your Business, Shayne Tyler, head of operations for a leading Lincolnshire fresh produce supplier, who was threatened by traffickers after exposing slavery in his factory, will tell his story to delegates.

The event, taking place at the New Life Conference and Events Centre in Sleaford on May 24 from 9am to 12pm, has been organised and hosted by Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones.

Businesses who unwittingly use modern slaves in their workforce or supply chain can suffer from severe damage to their reputation, become entwined in criminal investigations and be the subject of charges or fines.

Shayne Tyler will tell the delegates how in June 2000 he became aware of the scourge of modern slavery.

BBC Panorama found the UK factory run by his then employer was unknowingly using more than 200 illegal workers.

Since then Shayne has identified and tackled numerous examples of worker exploitation and actively helped shape legislation, guidance, best practice and support mechanisms for the prevention and eradication of worker abuse.

Other speakers at the event include:

  • Dave Walsh, Professor in Criminal Investigation at De Montfort University, who specializes in the teaching and research regarding criminal investigation and the policing of modern slavery.
  • DCI Harry Dick – Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Coordinator for East Midlands
  • Sgt Will Tharby – Lincolnshire Police, to talk about the Business Accreditation Scheme run by the force

Marc Jones said: “Often businesses can be an unwitting victims of the gang masters peddling this foul trade and they should be properly equipped to protect themselves.

“I hope this event can, not only help them avoid the risks, but also teach them to spot and report the signs of modern slavery so we can continue our efforts to eradicate this crime from society.”

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