Lincolnshire Business is evolving…

Coming up to four years of growing the largest business audience in Greater Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Business is evolving and will be rebranded under a new title.

On April 25, to coincide with a launch at Expo East, Lincolnshire Business will rebrand to CityX.

The team behind Lincolnshire Business believe there is a need and a desire for a business publication that provides more than just business news, but crosses over into business content, lifestyle and social aspects of being involved in business.

Under the new title, CityX will cover important business content from across the East Midlands, helping to keep you informed and engaged across county borders.

CityX will also reflect a change in direction towards multimedia, introducing podcasts, vlogs and engaging content that is easier to consume.

There are two main elements to CityX:

  • CityX Website will be an updated and re-imagined version of the Lincolnshire Business website, which will have a hard switchover on April 25.
  • CityX Magazine has already launched, has a dedicated subscriber base of 2,600 people and is sent out every Thursday to currently 10,960 business news subscribers.¬† The magazine summarises the top business content from the week as well as the latest video interviews and podcasts.

Founder of CityX, Dean Graham said: “The world of news is changing and we want to stay at the forefront of local digital publishing.¬† For coming up four years we’ve provided invaluable business news to over 100,000 monthly readers but that’s just the start”.

For 2018/19 the big change is how we engage with local businesses, so you will see a lot more video interviews, audio podcasts, expert vlogs and easily digestible content.