Lloyds Banking Group to close three Lincolnshire branches

Lloyds Banking Group has said it will close three Lincolnshire branches later this year as part of its plans to axe a total of 49 branches across the UK.

The company has announced it will be closing branches in Alford, Coningsby and Mablethorpe between July and October this year in response to a change in customer behaviour and a reduced number of transactions.

Across the UK, the closures will result in around 305 job losses, however the number of job losses in Lincolnshire is not known.

Lloyds Banking Group will now expand its mobile branch services to support customers in locations where branches will close.

This will bring the group’s total number of mobile branches to 36, which will serve 180 communities across the country.

A spokesperson for Lloyds Banking Group said: “We have confirmed the locations of some Lloyds Bank and Halifax branches which will close between July and October this year.

“These branch closures are in response to changing behaviour and the reduced number of transactions being made in branches.

“We are also announcing that our mobile branch service will be expanded to support customers in more locations with the introduction of seven new Lloyds Bank mobile branches.

“This will bring the group’s total number of mobile branches to 36 which will serve over 180 communities.

“All branches announced for closure have a post office within short walking distance so customers can still access their banking locally.

“We are proud to have the largest network of branches in the UK and we are committed to maintaining our market share of one in every five branches.”