Young’s Seafood put up for sale

Grimsby-based firm Young’s Seafood Limited has announced it has been put up for sale.

The company was put up for sale in its entirety at 9am on April 19 by the board of managers of current owner Lion/Gem Luxembourg.

Young’s Seafood Limited currently employs around 1,700 at its Grimsby base, with a further 2,000 members of staff across its five sites in Scotland.

The company has been based in Grimsby for more than 50 years and has been in business for 200 years.

Other firms now have the opportunity to bid for the company. There is no timescale for the bid but creditors are to be kept informed.

A spokesperson for Young’s Seafood Limited said: “We have sent out notification that we intend to start a structured and open bidding process with all interested parties for the sale of the Young’s Seafood group.

“Young’s Seafood is the UK’s leading seafood supplier, with a 200 year heritage and a turnover of over £500 million.

“We aim to inspire people to love fish now and for generations to come.”