GDPR: Five things to know before May 25

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Many of you will have heard the term ‘GDPR’ everywhere you go in recent months. As the deadline for changes to the use of data looms,  Paul Burrows from KryptoKloud told CityX five things you need to know for May 25.

From next week, data protection rules across Europe will change. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will replace the current Data Protection Directive legislation on Friday, May 25.

From this date, GDPR will be enforced by data protection regulators across Europe. It will change how businesses and public sector organisations can handle the information of their customers.

Paul Burrows, CEO of KryptoKloud, which specialises in global cyber security, has created a list of five things you need to know:

  1. Plan for a GDPR future not just on the day – understand what data is critical to you.
  2. Remember Due Diligence and Data Governance (Protect the data as best you can)
  3. Automation is essential: Maintain accurate records of interactions with customers and personal data – audit trails are critical!
  4. Report data breaches (fast). Delaying reporting will run afoul of regulations and increase fines.
  5. Think of GDPR as an opportunity to clean the “house”. Time to revisit policies and engage in meaningful discussions with old and new customers.