Baby on a Budget: New firm making use of pre-loved children’s items

Every family will be aware of the struggles of buying clothes for their child, only to find they have grown out of them after five minutes. Now, a Lincolnshire family has launched a new company to help combat this common problem.

Baby on a Budget has been launched by husband and wife team Chris and Nat Milner, and is a service for families to be able to rent pre-loved baby clothes.

From the couple’s home in Greylees, Sleaford, Baby on a Budget gives families the opportunity to rent clean, freshly washed and pressed items of baby clothing, and then send them back when they are too small for their child or are no longer needed.

Prices start from 50p for an item of clothing, with discounts available the more you rent. A typical rental period is one month.

Chris, who works as a Web & App Developer during the day, said: “Nat has taken a career break from teaching to raise our two little girls, Annabel (11 months) and Georgina (4).

“We were talking one night about what to do with the girl’s old clothes, many of which are almost new and Nat suddenly came up with the idea to rent them.

“After thinking about it some more and knowing how pricey clothing your little ones can be this made perfect sense. Six months later we have launched our site with a good stock of 0-3 months, and coming each week the next age ranges all the way up to 24 months.

“Aside from saving new parents some of their hard earned cash there’s an environmental angle also that we are re-using perfectly good clothes.

“The process is relatively simple really. The website keeps stock of items, they are sent out clean, freshly washed, pressed and bagged to stay fresh.

“We’re under no illusion that babies are messy so whilst we would like them back clean and tidy every returned garment is repaired if needed, washed, pressed and bagged ready for its next adventure! (clothes that are damaged beyond repair will be disposed of safely).”